Town Of Mercer

Incorporated 1804

Located at 52 East Sandy River Road

Hours of Operation

Sundays ONLY 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
NO More Wednesday's til Spring of 2018

Attendant: Derek Tracy Sr

Blue Bag System - $1 per bag

You may purchase the Blue bags at the Town Office or at the Transfer Station

Transfer Station Fees

$5.00 Fee:

Microwaves                       Stuffed Chairs

Washer                             Sofa

Dryer                               Mattresses

Stoves                              Box Springs

Computer Monitors

$10.00 Fee:

Air Conditioners                Refridgerators


Construction Debris: Wood, Sheetrock, Etc..

1/2 Pickup Load -------------- $15.00

1 Rounded Pickup Load ------- $25.00

Dump Truck Load ------------ $50.00


Small ----------------------- $3.00

Medium -------------------- $4.00

Large ---------------------- $5.00


Regular -------------------- $3.00 per Tire

Large ---------------------- $5.00 per Tire

Transfer Station News

The Transfer Station will be OPEN as usual on Sunday December 24th and Sunday December 31st.